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Any products or services relating to the games (referred to as Services) offered by Rummygamer website www.rummygamer.com is framed with these Terms of Service

All the Players are requested to comply with the terms and conditions, abide by it even if any update is made in the terms and conditions.

The decision to deal with a violation is entirely at the discretion of Rummygamer. Users are strictly warned to comply with all the rules.

All the promotions, games, competition or tournaments organized are governed by the terms and conditions described here and the supplementary terms and conditions may be applicable with respect to ongoing events, competitions, tournaments or any promotions

Even if any of the terms mentioned are found to be invalid or unratified for any reason, by any judicial body within India, consider that they will not affect the existence and implementation of the remaining Terms & conditions


Users are advised to read the Terms and conditions carefully before registering which is applicable to the all the services on the website


You may use any of services in our website to play online real cash rummy, only if you are minimum 18 years of age. We have all the rights to restrict access to our gaming platform on occasional instances. Users should confirm that you are accessing our gaming services to play cash games only within India and except from the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

We have enabled a pop which will assist us to identify the player’s location to ensure players are not from the restricted location. Users are requested to tap "Allow Location Access" prior to playing any game on our site.

  • The tournaments, promotional games, practice games and cash games played on our Website are collectively referred to as ‘Games only’.
  • Real Cash Games are games which require users to have a minimum amount in their account to participate and play; other games can be Non- Cash Games.
  • Charges for the cash games may vary depending on the nature of each game and it might be subjected to change in any coming future. Non-cash games can usually be played without any deposit amount, but some entry restrictions might be placed. Charges for services include all the applicable taxes.
Service Charge

Rummygamer provides the opportunity to access and play ‘online games of skill’ to all the valid and registered users. The Services provided by Rummygamer site is intended to facilitate games of skill. There will be service charges for the users participating in the events, tournaments or any cash games. These service charges can vary from time to time and from one cash game to another.

In India rummy players have to pay 30% TDS for any winning above Rs 10,000 in compliance with the Section 115BB and Section 194B of the Income Tax Act. So TDS amount shall be deducted from the prizes given away for all the leaderboard contests and instances where the prize amount is more than Rs. 10000.

User Representations
  • We need true, valid, and authentic information while registration, or any other time subsequently.
  • Ensure that you are known about the legality of playing Cash Games in your state, during participation in our cash games. You will not be allowed to participate in the cash games if you are not legally authorized to individually enter into Indian Rupee transactions through banking channels in India or if are you accessing the website from a prohibited location
  • In case if you violate any rules, your participation will be considered as a breach of our Terms and you will not be entitled to receive any prize that you might win.
  • Players should confirm that they are of age 18+ to take part in the real cash games. You are very much aware of the way that participation in these games could make a monetary misfortune. Rummygamer is not responsible for any of your losses.
  • Mere participation in a game available does not entitle you to a prize. We do not have any obligation to pay you for the win. Players should know that winning a prize is entirely dependent on your skill.
  • Rummygamer has the right to use all of your communications and feedback in any situation if required.
  • We would like to notify you that our company reserves the right to record the player content produced.
  • You must understand that the amount in the user account held by Rummygamer does not carry any interest on return.
  • Rummygamer would not be held accountable when you are not able to play any Game for which you may have been eligible to participate, like in the situation when you are unable to log into your user account as your user, or when your account validation is pending, or when we suspect any violation of the Terms.
  • Rummy is a game of skills, hence we assume you are participating in our games based on your skills and you are aware of any physical or mental condition that could hinder your competence in such games. You must hold yourself accountable for all your actions here. Rummygamer is not responsible for your financial losses.
Creating User Accounts
  • Users can register on our website to use the services. We have an option to register through social media sites
  • At the time of registration, the player should choose a login name and a password apart from providing certain other information which might not be mandatory. Users might have to provide any further personal information for his user account verification and/or for adding cash to your user account. We request the players to enter the correct details in all fields requiring their personal information, like email, address, phone number etc including when the user details changed, we request you to update the same in Rummygamer user profile.
  • Players are allowed to edit their username only once, if they are registering through social medias
  • Players confirm accepting our terms and conditions by registering a Rummygamer user account must solely be used for playing games online and for transacting. Any use or attempted use of your account apart from the reasons specified would result in a ban or termination of the account and forfeiture of any cash prize, bonus or balance in the user account; it is a clear violation of the terms and conditions stated here.
  • Sometimes we may require documentary evidence like any government authorized ID as well as Address proof from the players apart from the registered details. Failing to provide valid ID’s gives us the right to suspend or terminate user registration on the Website.
  • Rummygamer will not ask the details about the player's Login ID and passwords, which needs only to be entered at the time of login. The player should not share his/her account details with anyone. Rummygamer will hold no liability when the player’s account is misused or exposed, when he/she shares his account details. The right way to prevent others from using your account is by not sharing your details with anyone else. Better to keep changing your rummy accounts password if you feel your desktop, laptop and mobiles are used by your others frequently. And log out of your Rummygamer account, whenever you are not playing.
  • Please be known that it’s your responsibility to protect information that you have provided at the time of registration such as email ID, Mobile Number and contact details.
  • Cash deposits in the account must only be used for the purpose of participation of cash games in the site.
  • The deposits made in your account cannot be transferred to any other registered account except in cases permitted by Rummygamer which is subject to restrictions and conditions
  • We rest the case of providing correct information about yourself on your shoulders. We do not cross verify the information that you have provided. We are not responsible for any result of you providing incorrect details and factual information.
Validate User Accounts
  • Rummygamer might validate user accounts from time to time. Account verification can be made via phone calls or email. If we couldn’t reach you for the first time, we will make additional attempts to establish a connection with you. If given an incorrect phone number or email address, we are not responsible when the service gets interrupted.
  • If the validation gets unsuccessful, we may disallow you from logging into Rummygamer website. You will be notified in such via email for the further subsequent steps. We may request you to provide us with an Address proof of such cases. We request you try to reactivate your account quickly upon the receipt of documents. However we request you spare with us if it takes a few business days.
  • After failing multiple attempts to reach you, we may permanently suspend your account and we refund the balance that is available in your account. A Privacy policy mentioned in the website is a part of the terms and conditions. Data which requires protection from unwarranted circulation would be dealt as per the Privacy Policy of the Website.
Action against Cheating and Colluding
  • Games must be played separately after enrollment. Attempts of cheating may include looking for external help to win the match using bots or cheat codes, hacks attempting to adjust the site utilizing third party software
  • Colluding with different registrants and taking part in tournaments or games is considered as a type of cheating and it is strictly disallowed, if we find a cheating or conspiring, our Company has the privilege to retain the Cash Balance in your Accounts and to cancel and close the Accounts with no correspondence to you
  • IP Conflict: If we find multiple accounts being worked using the same IP then we have all rights to boycott those accounts. For player’s protection and to avoid any conclusion we don't allow multiple accounts to play from a similar IP address.
  • Spamming: Spamming or any attempts to request any personal details are considered as fraud activities for which right action would be taken on the offenders.
  • Transactions in Rummy Game sites should be made in Indian Rupees
  • All the transactions in your account are recorded in your account when you register with us. All payments needed for participation in real money games at Rummygamer bought to be made through this account. The cash rewards you win will be credited to this account
  • Payments through credit cards, debit cards, and net banking will be processed through third party gateways. Rummygamer won't be responsible for any delays in payment processing.
  • We have all the rights to cancel the transactions at our discretion. If payment is not successful, money would be credited back to your bank account.
  • We suggest you use your own payment instrument to make payment into your account. You are allowed to deposit as much cash you can onto your account subject to the Add money limit when specified by us.
  • Funds from our players are held in trust by us; it will be maintained independently from our corporate funds. Indeed, even in critical circumstances like indebtedness, player funds will be given preference over other claims.
Withdrawing money from the user account

At the moment players can withdraw their rewards through electronic bank to bank transfer. The withdrawals players make are governed by the listed conditions:

  • Players are allowed to withdraw cash from your account whenever they need, subject to a reward, prize cash withdrawal limitations, by giving us notice of your withdrawal request.
  • Players are required to be cautious while giving their account details. Rummygamer is not responsive if you give incorrect account details. In such situations where the account details are wrongly entered by the user, they need to claim complete responsibility on it.
  • The minimum amount users can withdraw in a transaction is Rs. 500 and the maximum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 50000. Cash should be deposited at Rummygamer just with the aim of playing. Players are not permitted to use Rummygamer as the place to keep the unused funds. Money laundering is prohibited on our website. Trying to withdraw cash added through a credit card is considered as money laundering and this should be avoided.
  • Withdrawals would be handled just when the player's ID proof is effectively verified
  • To win a prize, a player should be a resident of India and he should be accessing our site only from India except from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

  • Withdrawal of any rewards may require correct PAN details. PAN Numbers might be checked any time and prize cash might be cancelled if inconsistencies are found while checking.
  • We consistently give our best efforts while preparing player withdrawal of funds requests in a convenient way, yet there may be delays in light of the time that is needed for verification and finishing the withdrawal. Our organization isn't liable to pay any type of compensation for the delays in remitting payment to players from their accounts.
Offers and Promotions
  • Various promotions for the rummy games can be seen on our website where the eligibility and applicable conditions will be mentioned.
  • Refer A Friend: Players can welcome their companions, colleagues or any other person to play rummy free online. The Refer a friend bonus will be offered with the applicable terms and conditions. It is a lifetime offer. Cash bonus might be subjected to withdrawal restrictions applicable.
License Agreement and Intellectual Property
  • The Contents on our Website might be used only for the purpose of availing Rummygamer services with terms.
  • Players can access data, download and print extracts from our Websites just for their personal uses. Unless the deal is made with us, players are strictly prohibited using downloaded material from our website
  • Players should refrain from transferring, replicating, recreating, distributing, abusing, translating, altering content from our website in any manner.
  • Players must take our permission to hyperlink our website to any other
Service Interruptions
  • The player may confront Service disruption due to internet breakdown (an issue with ISP), hardware or programming issues, malfunctions and some other issues not restricted to disconnections or communication interference. Players are solely responsible for any risk of loss due to service interruptions at their end.
  • If the player can't play a game owing to disruption that might be attributed to Rummygamer, the settlement of such games would be done according to our Games Cancellation Settlement Policy.
  • Our organization disclaims any liability on Games that doesn't need you to pay cash.
Reason behind User Account Suspension

Rummygamer has the authority is to suspend or restrict the player's admittance to our Services on our Website while investigation for any the underneath recorded reasons:

  • If we find a violation of Terms or any other maltreatment of your user account.
  • Cheating, Collusion or any negligence negligence attempted by the players
  • If there are charge-backs on the player's account.
  • The choice to suspend or confine the services or any part thereof which we consider as suitable would be final and binding on you.
Breach of Terms and its consequences

In case we identify a breach of terms and condition during our examination or if there are elements of doubt that your continued access that adverse to our interests; or any other users, or even general public; Rummygamer has the rights taking the below listed actions:

  • A player's user account can be suspended permanently.
  • Cash balance in the player's account can be forfeited
  • We have rights to restrict games for the players who are suspected of colluding or cheating.
  • Rummygamers action against players who break our terms and conditions would be taken without prejudice to the rights and remedies available in law or equity

The Terms and Privacy Policy should be interpreted in line with the laws of India.

Controversy, claims or disputes arising out of the Terms or Privacy Policy would be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of civil courts in India

Complaints & disputes

User can register complaint at the first instance by contacting our customer support team at contact@rummygamer.com. Players should act in haste if any situation emerges that is making you have a complaint. Rummygamer would take our best efforts in settling such issues within a reasonable span of time. Rummygamer's decision on complaints would be final and binding on the player who initiated the complaint. Players should maintain a secrecy and resolution provided for the complaints. Shouldn't disclose it in any nature to the third parties.