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Fulfilling customer requirements and improving customer satisfaction is our main focus. If the reasons are genuine, we will refund the money after a thorough investigation. Please read all the rules of the tournament clearly before participating. It gives you a complete idea about the service. For more detailed information please refer to our Terms & Conditions page, and privacy page

Discontinuation of promotional offers

Rummygamer has the authority to suspend contests, games, bonuses, offers, and tournaments without prior notifications. In such situations, Rummygamer will not be held liable except for the entry fees paid by the user.

Games Termination during play

The game may end because of network issues, power outage, computer virus, or any other issues which are beyond our control, in such a situation Rummygamer will not be held responsible for any such case of cancellation of the game and the losses incurred if any.

Cancellation & Refund policy

In exceptional circumstances where the fault is from our side, or in the payment gateway, we shall cancel your registration on request. Refunds will be done within a reasonable time, the amount is remitted to the financial instrument used by you while making the transactions. We will make an honest effort to create the best user experience for our users. For cancellation & refund please contact the support team at contact@rummygamer.com.